Artists & Associates

We work with a wide range of artists & producers across our projects.

If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at


Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is co-founder of 1DegreeEast and a creative producer, who has worked in theatre and dance for over 25 years.

Jih-Wen Yeh

Jih Wen Yeh is a UK and international independent producer with over 15 years experience supporting both UK and Taiwanese dance artists.

Kayte Judge

Kayte is mentoring up-and-coming producers as part of the Producer Hub offer.

Talia Giles

A local artist and creative producer, Talia Giles is founder of Pride Of Place Bedford, a collaboration with BCA, with POP Bedford.

Alex Levene

Alex is a creative producer, community arts manager and playful experience designer. He works across artistic forms, inside & outside to curate, produce and create events.

Digital Era

Era, the CEO of Digital Era, is a Freelance Marketing Consultant. She has previously managed BCA’s digital platforms and content.

Andy Willsher

Andy Willsher was born and raised in Bedford. Taking up photography in school, his love for pictures grew in tandem with his enthusiasm for the burgeoning music scene of the late 1980’s.

Sadie Hunt

Sadie has over 21 years’ experience as a dance artist, teacher, community practitioner, academic and project manager. Sadie has managed and delivered innovative arts projects and workshops.



At the core of LegalAliens’ vision is a theatre that includes migrants as artists, creatives, participants and audiences and foregrounds creative women, onstage and off. 

Bern O’Donoghue

Bern O’Donoghue is a Brighton based socially engaged artist. Connection and permission are recurring themes in her work.

Kremena Dimitrova

Kremena is a London based illustrator-as-historian, storyteller, lecturer in Visual Culture, and practice-based PhD researcher in Visualising History at the University of Portsmouth. 

paul pibworth artist

Paul Pibworth

Paul is a sculptural artist and specialises in bespoke 3D structures.

Lauren Saunders-Love

Lauren Saunders-Love is a fine art photographer based in Bedford.

Jacqui Saunders-Love

Jacqui Saunders-Love is a paper sculptor and experienced art educator based in Bedford.

Julian Beever

Julian Beever is known all over the world for his pavement drawings, more especially his 3D illusions, drawn in a special distortion to create an impression of 3D.

Arabel Rosillo de Blas

Arabel Rosillo de Blas is a visual artist whose sculpture and site-specific interventions function as social commentary.

richard mann

Richard Mann

Richard is an established actor, voice artist, director and facilitator who has been involved in many projects with the BCA including Culture Clubs and Airship Dreams.

Clemance Debaig

Clemence Debaig is a French-born artist based in London. She is a dance artist, XR designer, creative technologist, educator and lecturer at Goldsmiths University.

David Thatcher

David Thatcher is a game developer with a wealth of experience in the UK games industry, having worked at Codemasters, Lionhead and Ninja Theory before going independent.

Caroline Wendling

Caroline Wendling’s work explores ideas of place and belonging through layered projects that draw on history and explore local myths, inviting re-imagings of sites.

Emmylou Shine

Emmylou uses a mixture of acrylics and water soluble oils on canvas to produce her artwork. She enjoys meditating with a feeling and writing the words that may come up on the canvas.

Amy Wormald

Amy Wormald is a visual artist and creative producer who is passionate about making and enabling art that connects with people.

Sarah Hodgkins

Sarah has painted over 550 murals throughout the UK and her clients include, NHS, Epson UK, Dulux, Gleneagles Hotel, David Lloyd Leisure, Keuhne and Nagel, MK Gallery and Force India Formula One Team.

Keith Hopewell

Keith Hopewell was born in York 1972. His practice explores the relationship between sound and non-representational painting, using unorthodox and contemporary mediums.

Larry Jackaman

Larry Jackaman is an artist inspired landscape. She is a multidisciplinary artist with strong environmental ethics and a passion for using recycled material.

Mike Stubbs

Mike Stubbs is an artist, curator and consultant with a varied international career in contemporary practise. Originally from Bedford, his work often explores machines, work, innovation, class and identity.

Robert Strachan

Robert Strachan is a senior lecturer in the School of Music at the University of Liverpool and also an active musician and sound artist.

Roger Illingworth

Roger Illingworth is a composer, songwriter, teacher and community musician based in Bedfordshire.

Dave Lynch

Dave Lynch is an artist, creative director and inventor working at the intersection of moving images, large-scale interactive installation, performance and projection.

Sam Wiehl

Sam is an artist and live event designer focusing on the relationship between sound and image with a view to creating an immersive audience experience.

Andy Field

Andy Field creates encounters between strangers in a variety of locations, both inside and outside of theatres.

Beckie Darlington

Beckie Darlington’s work is inspired by playful and adventurous encounters that invite the audience to look at the world in a different way.

Andy Holden

Andy Holden is an artist and musician whose approach is characterised by a desire to connect to audiences while retaining his own idiosyncratic internal references and motivations.

Greta Andreica

Greta was born in 1957 in a little village from Romania, called Dobrin. Her artistic endeavours delve into themes of freedom, protest, honesty, and truth, presenting a thought-provoking perspective on the world.

Clare Gregory

Clare Gregory is a recent Fine Art graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, where she focused on building a socially engaged art practice.

Marta Plizga

Marta is an illustrator and visual artist living in Oakley, Bedford. She works from her home-based studio where she shape ideas for artwork.

Giacomo Verdura

Giacomo Verdura is a Bedford based emerging artist, specialising in figurative mixed media illustrations and paintings. 

Katie Arakelian

Katie Arakelian is an Irish Art teacher and printmaking artist based in the Bedford area.

Ava Corsini

Ava from MonAvart creates handmade bespoke ethical jewellery in Bedfordshire. Her jewellery collections feature hammered pieces inspired by the natural textures that surrounds us. 

Amanda Silk

Amanda is a ceramicist, artist and maker working from her garden studio in Bedfordshire. She graduated from Brighton University with a BA (Hons) in Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Plastics.

Conor Chesterman

Conor Chesterman is a mixed media artist primarily working in paint and sculpture, adopting an abstract/post-impressionist style. 

Segun Oguntola

Segun Oguntola is a writer, director and trainer with more than 20 years of experience. He currently works for Junior Film Makers.

Anne-Marie Abbate

As a Creative Practioner Anne-Marie delivers inspiring and inclusive art workshops to schools, adults and community groups.

Vicky Paul

Vicky Paul is contemporary mixed media artist who creates powerful vibrant work conceptualising that which exists but cannot be seen. Her work explores human connection, nature, metaphysics and Universal energy.

Charlotte Aldred

Charlotte Aldred is a Leeds based photographer, who grew up in Bedford, and is currently completing her final year studying a BA in Fine Art with Contemporary Cultural Theory at the University of Leeds. 

Egle Khan

Egle is a jewellery designer at Eglantine’s World, aswell as a craft supplier. She is originally from Lithuania but lives in Bedford.

Aiden Donnellan

Aiden Donnellan is a creative resident of Bedford, working predominantly as a Tattoo Artist within town.

Chloe George

Chloe is a portrait and fashion photographer from Bedford. She always aims to write a story with her images, evoking emotions and warmth that is connected to her love for film and music.

Kaye Mahoney

Kaye is a creative producer with significant experience delivering events, performances and exhibitions for small scale and internationally renowned organisations across the arts sector.

Daryl Gillham

Daryl trained in graphic design, illustration and visual communication locally, at the south of London as well as near the Welsh border.

Radhika Aggarwal

Rad is an award-winning actor and theatre-maker, working across film, theatre, television, games, and audio. Over lockdown, she founded Echo Chamber Audio to explore aural storytelling, especially stories tied to place, written by those invested in that space.

Luanna Flammia

Luanna studied Mixed Media Fine Art at the University of Westminster. During her final year I made my first debut, being selected to display and auction 3 paintings at the corporate firm Traver Smiths, St Pauls, London.

Emma Barnie

Emma Barnie is an artist based in South East London creating surreal, playful, colourful art for and with the community. 

The Circus of Illustration

The Circus of Illustration was formed in 2011 and is an informal collective of Bedfordshire based artists that volunteer their time and efforts to promoting illustration locally.

Robyn Caley

Robyn is a self-taught artist who grew up in and around Bedford and has lived in the town centre for 18 years. Having always enjoyed drawing, she challenged herself to draw every day in 2019, trying many different subjects and media.

Catherine O’Donnell

Catherine O’Donnell is an award-winning portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Bedfordshire. She is drawn to capturing images with a natural soulful quality,

Sara Wibberley

Sara Wibberley is an emerging painter born in 1975 in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. She now lives with her husband and two teenage sons in a small village in rural Bedfordshire, UK.

Amy Ashton

Amy is a local creative. She completed an Art Foundation Course at Bedford College which enabled her to go into further education and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Multi-Media Textile Design from Loughborough University.

PK Kellett

PK is a Bedford based abstract artist who came back to painting in his 40s after having spent his career working in the homeless charity sector.

Alexandra Andreica

Alexandra’s works are a captivating exploration of the human form and emotion, each piece resonating with a unique blend of colors and strokes that convey a profound sense of depth and feeling.

Sew n Sew

Sew n Sew is an exhibiting artist at POP Art. Their process uses confessional comments and street photography in the public arena as inspiration to produce sculpture, assemblages, soft sculpture, hangings, collage, and installation.

Patricia Flontowicz

Patricia Flontowicz is a Bedfordshire based artist. She specialises in pencil portraits and printmaking. Her favourite method of printmaking is lino cut, since first experimenting with this process in 2016.

Elysia Johnston

Elysia is an aspiring tattoo artist and previous Fine Art student at Leeds University. She is greatly inspired by tattoos, mythological art and sculpture.

Charlie Prior

Charlie is an aspiring children’s illustrator based in Bedford. He enjoys using many mediums including traditional drawing, ink, oil pastels and foam. However his favourite media to use is by far digital.

Chiara Mac Call

Chiara is a documentary photographer and socially engaged practitioner who works with individuals and communities on themes of identity and self-representation.

Jasmine Murray

Jasmine Murray is a Bedford-based photographer, who in recent years graduated with an MA in Photography from Falmouth University. 

Amina Pagliari head shot

Amina Pagliari

Amina Pagliari is a 3D mixed media artist with an interest in communicating lost histories through pattern and movement.

Lisa Price

Lisa’s infatuation with painting skies began as a form of self-therapy. Today, her work sells globally and she has commissioned pieces on display in a Spanish observatory.

Quilla Constance

Quilla Constance (abbreviated QC) is an ‘exotic’ militant punk persona created and performed by artist Jennifer Allen.

Katie Allen

Katie is a messy illustrator and teacher. She discovered a love of printmaking when studying for a degree in illustration, which now influences her bright and playful digital work and murals.

Anthea Barclay

Anthea is a Transformational Creative Consultant. She uses the spoken word, to illuminate the ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary.

Regine Ling

Wai Ching Regine Ling does not call herself an artist but simply someone who enjoys drawing. She is originally from Hong Kong and although she has no formal art qualification, she has been drawing daily since the age of six.