Lara Parmiani is the founder and Artistic Director of LegalAliens Theatre, aswell as being an actor, dramaturg, director and facilitator with over two decades of theatre experience. Italian-born, half-Jewish, but a Londoner since 1997, Lara is a quintessential migrant artist, influenced by all the people and places she’s met on her journey.

Becka is the Associate Artistic Director. She directs plays, performs and makes contemporary performance at the intersection of dance, theatre and live art for theatres, galleries and site-specific spaces. Becka views live performance as a chance to experience qualities of time and presence that are usually inaccessible in our daily lives.

Associate Artists include: Assistant Director/Workshop Leader Angela Poulima, Creative Producer Amy Sze, Facilitators Sara Corso and Hester Welch, and Projection Designer Edalia Day.

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