Marta Plizga

Marta is an illustrator and visual artist living in Oakley, Bedford.
She works from her home-based studio where she shape ideas for artwork. Marta also runs Art Impact Studio, which offers art workshops for children of all ages and makes art accessible to everyone.
She has a strong interest in expressive, and abstract forms of art.
In her artistic practice, she navigates various emotions, experiences, and ideas, using mixed media as her compass. Each of her works tells a visual story, unfolding through the interaction of diverse mediums, each chosen for their distinctive texture and colour.
She describes her art as an expression of the dynamic interaction between chaos and order, reflecting the depth of the human experience. Marta experiments with materials, to embrace the unpredictable nature of the creative process. The spontaneous interactions between mediums lead to unexpected discoveries, giving her work a sense of spontaneity and vitality.
Her latest project focused on portraying people. Throughout 2023, Marta searched for unique people who caught her attention and portrayed them in her own way.

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