Robyn Caley

Robyn is a self-taught artist who grew up in and around Bedford and has lived in the town centre for 18 years. Having always enjoyed drawing, she challenged herself to draw every day in 2019, trying many different subjects and media. She discovered a love for ink and watercolour and found her subject in buildings, particularly pubs.

She continues to draw almost daily. In October 2020, Robyn had 3 paintings featured at The Quarry Theatre’s ‘Lockdown Exhibition’ for local amateur and professional artists. This inspired her to offer house portraits to friends; business took off and she continues to take on private commissions, and sells prints and original paintings at Bedfordshire art fairs.

Robyn usually paints at home from photos, and occasionally outside with Bedford Urban Sketchers. She finds that ‘looking up’ above shops in the town centre reveals a wonderful variety of architectural styles, an endless supply of interesting subjects to paint!

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