Sara Wibberley

Sara Wibberley is an emerging painter born in 1975 in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. She now lives with her husband and two teenage sons in a small village in rural Bedfordshire, UK. She studied art at GCSE and A Level standard at school but then went on to train as a primary school teacher at Brighton University. Having been a teacher for the last 26 years, she reignited her love for creating art during the first Covid lockdown and has been creating art most days since. Sara loves being creative and when she is not painting (which is most of the time!) she dabbles with other art forms including clay work and knitting!

Sara has taken part in her local art fairs such as the Bedford Flea Markets and sold many works through this, as well as sales abroad via her Instagram account. More recently her works have been exhibited in Hayden Gallery, Marlow.

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