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If you’d like an artwork or an arts project, in any art form, to be commissioned for your organisation, your premises, your customers, your staff, or a particular social or corporate need, then BCA could help.

BCA has experience of working with clients such as Central Bedfordshire Council, Bedford College, Bedford BID, Bedford Heights and recently Ball Corporation.

Case Study

CanArt for Ball Corporation

Global beverage packaging company, Ball Corporation, produces aluminium drinks cans and has
premises in Luton.

Ball wanted to promote the message that aluminium is infinitely recyclable and invited BCA to produce a new artwork using cans for their Luton HQ. They wanted a piece of work that would promote sustainability and brighten the workplace for staff.

BCA commissioned artist Larry Jackaman, who had developed a specialist embossing technique using
aluminium drinks cans to create a new artwork to be installed in their reception area. Larry cut leaf shapes out of aluminium cans and then engaged over 150 members of the public to emboss them with designs from nature.

It’s been amazing working with an arts charity. They took our can and made something completely innovative. It was hugely important to have the public part of this project. Every time we look at these leaves, we see a little imprint of someone. It really does bring it to life”.

Jeff Little – VP HR, Ball Beverage Packaging

You can watch a video of Ball employees talking about their experience of working with BCA here.

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