Producer Hub


The Producer Hub is an initiative run by 1DegreeEast, a producer-led arts organisation that supports artists, producers, and programmers to create high-quality work through mentoring and advice to develop projects and produce new work.

Bedford Producer Hub aims to support practitioners creating a diverse range of projects which benefit local participants and audiences and are relevant to local needs and wants. We have recruited a cohort of 10 practitioners who are looking for sustained support to develop their projects and careers.

Between November 2023 and July 2024, we are offering the cohort a free programme of 5 face to face gatherings, regular one-to-one advice, 4 networking events and 4 learning seminars. Practitioners part of the 23-24 cohort will also receive a mini-commission bursary as match funding towards their developing projects.

Meet Our 2023/2024 Cohort:

Watch the Webinars:

Webinar 1: Project Management

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The Bedford Producer Hub is delivered by 1DegreeEast in partnership with Bedford Creative Arts.

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