Central Bedfordshire Art Drop: commotion in the ocean


We teamed up with Anne-Marie Abbate, Sophie Bennett and Sara Turner to create art packs and online workshops for children.

Artists & Associates

During the school summer holidays, BCA provided art packs and online workshops for local children. The aim was to provide 600 children aged 5-12 with fun and enriching activities designed to develop new skills and consolidate existing ones. All provisions had to be SEND inclusive too.

BCA proposed three different activities including art and craft, music and literature. Each area was developed into a physical pack of equipment supported by a worksheet, a pre-recorded video explaining the activity to the children and finally, a Zoom workshop that the children could sign up to for additional support and interaction through the activity.

We were happy to support such a great scheme especially for children who could really benefit from it. Getting them to engage with the arts using skills they have learnt at school is a great way to encourage their creativity and imagination. The videos and worksheets are all available on our website so more children can benefit from them.”

Elaine Midgley, Director of Bedford Creative Arts

Commotion in the Ocean

We can put a man on the moon but we can’t reach the bottom of the sea. It is a vast, beautiful underwater landscape ready to be explored. It is also a great way to spark imagination and that is exactly what the Commotion in the Ocean workshops and worksheets are all about!

Working with local artists Anne-Marie Abbate, Sophie Bennett, and Sara Turner we developed three very different workshops. Anne-Marie’s video explores how to create an ocean scene complete with turtles, clownfish, jellyfish and start fish. Sophie Bennett’s video inspires people to get into poetry and find words to describe the ocean and all its glory. And finally, Sara Turner’s video ‘Music and sounds’ reveals how household items can be used to make an underwater soundscape.

What’s stopping you? Start the commotion!

Sea Life and Crafts with Anne-Marie Abbate
download the activity pack, here
Magic Shell Poetry Writing with Sophie Bennett
download the activity pack, here
Music and Sounds of the Sea with Sara Turner
download the activity pack, here

This was part of a Department of Education funded scheme called Holiday Activities and Food Programme.