Waterfall CanArt

December 2023

Artists & Associates

CanArt is a sustainability art project that showcases the recyclability of aluminium cans by inviting people who work at Bedford Heights to emboss them with creative designs from nature. Aluminium is a more sustainable choice for drinks packaging as it is infinitely recyclable unlike plastic where typically less than 40% is ever reused.

In 2022, we partnered with Ball to commission an artist to produce artworks using cans made from the Ball company, who make cans for companies such as Coca Cola and Carlsberg. These were showcased at the Ball Headquarters in Luton. Take a look at the artwork here.

In 2023, Verve Developments Ltd commissioned BCA and artist Larry Jackaman to design and produce artwork using cans for the stairwell of Bedford Heights. The design, inspired by a waterfall motif, reflects Bedford’s close ties to the local river, The Ouse. The artwork, arranged in a cascading pattern, serves to introduce a water element into the Texas-themed building of Bedford Heights, offsetting its arid, cacti environment.

CanArt was commissioned by Verve Developments Ltd and produced by Bedford Creative Arts. Cans supplied by Ball Corporation.

Photography: Andy Willsher