June - December 2022

Artists & Associates

To celebrate the positive sustainability of aluminium, Ball Corporation commissioned BCA to produce a new artwork using drinks cans for their Luton HQ. 

Did you know that aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and it takes up to 95% less energy to recycle it than to produce primary aluminium? That is why Bedford Creative Arts (BCA) is pleased to partner with Ball Corporation to encourage the use of aluminium cans for drinking water, rather than plastic bottles.    

BCA commissioned artist Larry Jackaman, who had developed a specialist technique for using aluminium drinks cans to create a new artwork to be installed in the reception area of Ball’s Luton HQ.  

Larry cut leaf shapes out of aluminium cans and then engaged over 150 members of the public at Bedford River Festival 2022 to emboss them with designs from nature. They show swans, leaves, birds and even the River Ouse.  Each leaf is as unique as the person who designed it.   

The final artwork was unveiled on 13th December 2022. 

If you would like a close-up look at CanArt please click on here and zoom right into each individual leaf. 

If you are a local business keen to commission artwork for your premises or to engage your staff or customers, please contact BCA at  

This project was delivered in partnership with Ball Corporation