Pinecones Family Hub Mural

Two shed murals have been painted by artist Emma Barnie with the help from the Family Hub families, Livingstone School and BCA volunteers.

Artists & Associates

Through workshops held at the Family Hub and Livingstone School, participants used 3D models and drawing to provide the artist with design ideas for the final murals. Artist, Emma Barnie, ran workshops with families of the Hub and students at Livingstone Primary School to produce designs around the themes of fun, protection and nature.

Artist Emma Barnie with participants, volunteers and Anne Harnan of Bedford Creative Arts. Image: Jane Jeyes, Bedford Borough Council.

BCA were commissioned by Bedford Borough Council, via the Manager of the Family Hubs including Pines Cones (Harpur Ward) to deliver 2 participatory murals to brighten up the Hub site.  

Pine Cones Family Hub is one of two Family Hubs in Bedford. The other Family Hub is located in Queen’s Park on Marlborough Road.

“We are here for all families from the moment you are expecting a child until they turn 19 or, if they have special needs, until they turn 25. We have activities and support for all ages. If you want to meet other parents, want something fun to do with or just need some advice, we can help.” Family Hubs Bedford

Bedford Independent

Bedford Independent also interviewed Emma Barnie and shared the images, taken by Jane Jeyes, of the finished murals in their news story.

“Children, their families and carers spent their Easter holiday helping paint the sheds and create the final masterpiece.

Artist Emma said: “We did workshops at Pine Cones and Livingstone, talking to families and Year 5 children about what was important to them.

“They came up with the themes of fun, play, togetherness, trips out, protectiveness, support, and safety. We then came up with two different but complimentary designs.”

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The murals are commissioned by Bedford Borough Council, via the Family Hub.