Take Part Queen’s Park Mural

Artists & Associates

Queen’s Park residents have been working with Artists Andy Holden and Mira Calix through a series of workshops to design and create a mural. The mural explores themes of communication, community, and unity, which came out of experiences during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The mural is located at 60 Carlisle Road and was painted with 49 local residents and artists during February half-term 2023. The mural depicts universally recognised symbols of communication such as the symbols for WiFi, Bluetooth, USB ports, letters and phones, poetically transformed into a cheerful Springtime landscape picture.

Throughout a series of workshops local residents shared how these symbols made them feel connected to loved ones across the world, even when things like Covid-19 lockdowns kept people apart. We invited children & families to work with a team of artists, illustrators and facilitators to come up with a way of using these comforting symbols of connection to create an uplifting, positive scene to brighten the previously overgrown wall.

The project was delivered by lead artist and Queen’s Park resident, Andy Holden, in partnership with illustrator David Vallade, resident mural expert Paul Nicolson, Amina Pagliari, and Emily Alleyne and over 40 children & parents who participated in designing and painting the mural to create the finished result.