MID-AIR: Refugee Week

June 2022

MID-AIR was co-created by Bedford's refugee and migrant community and artist J.F. Jacques. This project acknowledges the trauma experienced by migrants and the need to provide safe and caring communities of healing. It aimed at bringing visibility to the experiences of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to enable connections with the larger community and create spaces of dialogue and creativity.

Artists & Associates

To celebrate Refugee Week, Bedford Creative Arts commissioned artist J. F. Jacques to co-create MID-AIR with Bedford’s refugee and migrant community.

The artwork was co-created by those who identify as refugees or migrants. The aim was to engage with members of the local community who have been through migration to Bedford to create beautiful hanging mobiles sharing photographic memories of their past to present. The installation welcomed contributions from all cultural traditions and faiths.

The installations ran 22-26th June at St Paul’s Church and was open to the public all week. On Saturday 25th June from 7pm-9pm St Paul’s will also hosted an evening gala allowing the public to view the artwork and hear from the artists. Ukrainian students from the English Language course ran by volunteers from St Paul’s gave presentations of their work ‘Our Home In Bedford’. Poetry was performed, keynote speeches, and some drinks and refreshments were provided.

Thank you to Bedfordshire Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support & The Church of St Paul’s (Bedford) for supporting this project.