Chamomile Gardens

Artists & Associates

In partnership with Grand Union Housing Group, we worked with artist Anne-Marie Abbate to deliver a series of art sessions to residents of Chamomile Gardens. These sessions brought residents of Chamomile Garden closer, making them feel better connected with fellow residents and their shared environment.  

Over the course of 8 weeks, Anne-Marie Abbate and Chamomile Garden residents experimented with a variety of artistic mediums – such as watercolour, collaging and silk-paint – to explore the theme of migration. Through the process of making and creating, residents freely explored associations, and memories, reflecting on their life journeys.  

With a cuppa in hand, these sessions helped build residents’ confidence and create an open space for chitter-chatter. In this way, the project focused on how art, and the process of creating and making, can bring us closer together and build friendships. 

This project is funded by the Grand Union Housing Group