Current Projects




Tomorrow’s Great Pageant

Re-imagining the iconic Suffrage play A Pageant of Great Women, for a 21st Century non-binary context.

Queen’s Park Cultural Capital

A two year project in Queen’s Park, Bedford exploring cultural capital in contemporary society


Let your imagination fly this half-term at Bedford Library.


Future Towns

Clubhouse (2018) The Film

Tomorrow’s Great Pageant – Launch Event

Tomorrow's Great Pageant, a re-imagining of an iconic suffrage play, launches for LGBT+ History Month 2019



A year-long inter-generational filmmaking project by Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou located on two residential streets in the Queen's Park area of Bedford.

Selfie Slot Car Championship Flitwick

The return of this F1 inspired artwork by Chris Dobrowolski

Tea Alchemy at the Bedpop Science Lab 2018

We invited you to join artist Jan Uprichard and Unilever tea expert, Ryan Clifford, to investigate the science of tea drinking


Love From Syria

For this year's Refugee week BedMID launched Love From Syria.

Translation of Love

For Refugee Week 2018 BedMID launched Translation of Love by Hope Givers Choir.

Symposium: The Question of Collaboration

In September we had an afternoon of lively discussion, sharing and debate on the question of ‘true’ collaboration between artists and communities.

Future Towns


A large-scale puppetry and sound installation theatre piece by Theatre Témoin with the local refugee, migrant, Bedford community groups


Creative Bedfordshire

Contemporary Artists Bedfordshire

Animating Environments in Queen’s Park

Following on from our In Situ Cinema project in Queen’s Park, Bedford in July 2016, we invited the residents of Chester and Carlisle Roads to join us and artist Maria Anastassiou in a second filmmaking project.

Unkindest Cut

Choreographer, dancer and educator Subathra Subramaniam worked with us to develop a series of dance and movement workshops focused on self-expression for Weatherfield Academy, Dunstable, as part of the research and development phase of her newest work ‘Unkindest Cut.

Animating Environments at The BedPop Science Lab 2017

BedPop participants were invited to fly over Bedford, host their own weather forecast and land on their very own planet as we de-mystified the TV green screen.


In Spring 2017 Bedford Creative Arts brought dance-tech innovators Pell Ensemble to Bedford to present their new interactive dance performance, David, and complete a residency in Putnoe Primary School and Mark Rutherford Upper School.


An encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer, high up overlooking the town…

Hear Her Singing

Hear Her Singing, Exhibition at Southbank Centre, London. With thanks to Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

The Frog at Riverside Square

The Frog by William Rounce is a permanent, site-specific public artwork at Riverside Square in Bedford.


Dump It On Parliament Revisited

Step back in time to the post-punk scene of the mid 1980’s. Think Siouxsie Sioux, a DIY ethic, scratch video, protest, Thatcher. This is the backdrop to Dump It On Parliament Revisited, a new living history artwork exploring counter-culture local history, and created by artists Dash MacDonald and Demitrios Kargotis (DASHNDEM) and artist/musician Roshi Nasehi.


PUNKIT was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts and developed in partnership with Love Music for young people

Selfie Slot Car Championship Dunstable

How can our libraries adapt to changing times? The marketing machine of Formula 1 might not spring to mind but for artist Chris Dobrowolski it was the inspiration behind his project Selfie Slot Car Championship.

Handbag by Geraldine Pilgrim

On 15 April 2016, twenty-six handbags and their owners took to the stage when artist Geraldine Pilgrim’s celebratory performance, Handbag, moon-walked its way to Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre.

In Situ Cinema  

In July 2016 a group of young residents living in Bedford’s Queen’s Park took to their local streets in a film-making project about the place where they live. Over a period of four weekends they worked with artists Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou to explore their neighbourhood and create a magical and irreverent film about life on Chester and Carlisle Roads.

Camera-less filmmaking at the BedPop Fun Palaces

A practical and accessible introduction to camera-less filmmaking by artist and filmmaker Joanna Byrne at BedPop Fun Palaces 2016.

Quilla Constance ‘QC’

We invited Bedford-based artist Jennifer Allen aka Quilla Constance ‘QC’ to give a performative lecture

An Artists’ Supper Club


Bedford Community Arts Choir

The Bedford Community Arts Choir is a unique music group for people of all abilities, performing specially commissioned works by local composers and arrangers.

Dunstable Wind Charming Day

We invited the people of Dunstable to dance with the wind, become part of a collective performance, and create the folklore of tomorrow.

The Word Blind

Bedford Voices

In March 2015, just two months before the General Election, the town of Bedford saw ten of the its central commercial advertising billboards replaced with hard-hitting political cartoons.

la passeggiata

Future Library Festivals

What is a local library for? What would your dream library look like? These were questions artists Ania Bas, David Littler and Rosalie Schweiker chose to explore as part of the Library as Laboratory commission for Central Bedfordshire Libraries.

The Bedford Song Book

The Bedford Songbook is a celebration of local artists and musicians  brought  together to create a book that recognises our exceptional local talent.


bedford happy

hip hop vs monuments

Time Travellers of Dunstable

Time Travellers of Dunstable explored the idea of ageing as a form of time travel in a unique new sound piece created by artist Julie Myers

human library

In Autumn 2014  we worked with three Central Bedfordshire Council  libraries to bring you Human Library, a worldwide initiative that promotes dialogue, reduces prejudices and encourages understanding.


Vocal Migrations

For our autumn 2012 commission we worked with audio visual artist Kathy Hinde, developing a new work with local singers that combined live singing with electronically altered voices.

Almanac Festival

A weekend of art made in Bedford.

Towards a unified theory of M!MS

In 2013 we worked with Bedford’s Andy Holden on a series of filmed re-enactments that took place in and around Bedford.

Paradigm Drift

For Bedford Creative Arts’ Autumn 2013 mini commission artist Jan Uprichard subverted our daily routine with a dreamlike film of a sea view ordinarily unobtainable in Bedford.


Shop Studio, Kristian Purcell

Our first mini commission project took place in February 2012 – where we invaded Church Arcade, in Bedford's town centre, with local painter Kristian Purcell

Lace in Place

Inspired by the rich history of lacemaking in Bedford, Bedford Creative Arts, artist Arabel Rosillo de Blas and over one hundred Bedford volunteers created the commission Lace in Place.

Even A Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day

Aaron Head was the recipient of our summer 2012 mini commission with a new public work sited on Ford End Road, Bedford, 'Even a Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day'.

Concerto Magnificent: An Anthology of All Things

The commission was to be an ambitious and new, large-scale work for voice and orchestra, written, composed and performed by volunteers living in Bedford.


Echo Location, Kathy Hinde

The Excursionist, Jo Roberts


Border Country Melanie Friend



Lorrice Douglas produces work as if researching for a film or a novel...

Pigeon Holes

Goodbye To Most Of The Daydreams

This exhibition presented a body of work exploring the idea of an imaginary journey to the Antarctic.

Land Of The Free

Criss Crossing, Jordi Lafon


The Long Look, Michael Collins

As Bedford entered a significant era in its history BCA Gallery in association with Renaissance Bedford commissioned artist Michael Collins to make a series of vast, highly detailed, landscape photographs.

The Secret Life of Things

Only A Stranger Can Bring Good Luck, Only A Known Man Can Hang

A Glimpse Of The Familiar


I Think There’s A Problem Here

I Do Not Understand My Own Actions focused on the patterns of behaviour that become habitual in relationships.

What Do I Know About Bedford Anyway?


Accession – Territories

Agnieszka’s project, Territories’ explored the way that one’s immediate environment affects how one feels.

Acession – Particle

As part of the Accession project BCA worked with Polish artists Ziemowit Maj and Piotr Kowalski.



Stereography: stereophonic geography

Age Of Transition

Rush Hour

Rush Hour was a series of images that empathised with the plight of the commuter


Window on the World

Our Silence is Your Comfort

Cambridge based artist and photographer Kay Goodridge explored stories and relationships hidden within a series of found photographs.

Radio 101

Radio 101 was an exhibition and FM radio station broadcasting from our former Gallery on Bedford High Street.


The Bedford Project Andre Stitt

Over the period of one year Wales-based performance artist Andre Stitt performed a series of eight live art performances in Bedford town and the surrounding rural areas.


Women at The Wheel

Inspired by the Mike Stubbs exhibition at BCA, this collaborative project brought together work by local women photographers and film makers.


Donut was the first exhibition at BCA Gallery; a multi-screen film installation by Mike Stubbs.


Time On Our Hands

Time on our Hands was a project that began in 1993, offering older people a chance to try a broad range of arts activities, whilst meeting new people, gaining new skills and enjoying new experiences.

Bedford Allotment Project

Throughout the summer of 95 BCA’s Photography Group (comprising of local photography enthusiasts) visited Queens Park and Brickhill Allotments

Eye Me Mine

This arts project encouraged children in the Queens Park, Bedford to look at the community in which they live

The Eyrie Roar

'The Eyrie Roar’ was a phrase coined in the fifties to describe the atmosphere at Bedford Town Football Club

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