Our Team



Alan Dodd

There’s never a dull moment overseeing our fabulously varied artistic programme – and outside of the job keeping active enjoying my long country walks, yoga, tennis, football and running.

Office Administrator

Katrina Allen

I’m a born organiser, and when not sorting out all the businesses I work for I like to organise community events. I love all things vintage and have the longest cat in the world.

curator producer

Annie Bacon

A serious dim sum foodie and chocoholic. Always listening to 6 music or the tennis. Definitely a dog person.

bedford music in detention producer

Jih-Wen Yeh

I spend a lot of time with athletic folk in lycra. In my other job I produce contemporary dance and my son is a competitive cyclist. I make fabulous dumplings.

youth participation producer

Kayte Judge

I was born to facilitate and enjoy bringing people together to make creative stuff happen. I am powered by lentils. My current obsession is my new puppy.

Assistant Producer

Emily Evans

Everything goes into my notebook, and I will only write in black pen. I love everything yellow. I’m a dog person not a cat person.

Assistant Producer

Elly Hudson

I am allergic to fresh air. I like drawing triangles and comics of my daily life. I’ve never eaten hummus. I’m more open to the idea of dogs now I’m getting to know one.

Finance Manager

Maria Minett

Freelance Producer for Creative Bedfordshire

Sam Turton

Our Trustees


Sud Basu


Susan Hoath

Vice Chair

David Morrall


Lucy Bedford


James McGregor


Steven Mair

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