Vocal Migrations by Kathy Hinde



Vocal Migrations by Kathy Hinde


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Our current artistic commission is Vocal Migrations by Kathy Hinde. Kathy has been collaborating with a wide range of people both here in Bedford and her home town of Bristol, creating open compositions for choir and electronics, and developing a new portable electronic device for use by live performers, inspired by how bats echo locate.

This has been a really exciting commission to be involved in, and it’s been really great to see Kathy involve a wide range of Bedford locals in the very beginnings of an artistic process. The small Bedford choir who have been working with Kathy in regular workshops have enthusiastically embraced a process that not only involves challenging ‘open composition’ activities, but also testing and working with completely new and still in development devices. With the expected shape of the project’s artistic outcome significantly less well formed than was the case with our other two major commissions this year (Lace in Place and Concerto Magnificent), I’m excited to see what  develops out of this collaboration in the long term.

You can read all about the process in Kathy’s blog, and join us for a work in progress performance on 8th December, which will also include a ‘cafe scientifique’ hosted by Radio 4’s Quentin Cooper, and a performance by You Are Wolf.

A second performance is planned for our Almanac Festival in February 2013.




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