Towards a unified theory of M!MS



In 2013 we worked with Bedford’s Andy Holden on a series of filmed re-enactments that took place in and around Bedford.

These staged events and performances explored the creative work and legacy of the M!MS (Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity) artistic movement, which artist Andy Holden founded with Bedford schoolfriends before training as an artist in 2003.

The M!MS manifesto states that “M!MS is about the willingness to be lied to and the will to believe! It’s about the intense sadness of our unrealistic dreams, and the intense joy of our desire for them.”

This is is Andy’s most ambitious project to date and includes collaborations with the other M!MS members: John Blamey, Roger Illingworth, James MacDowell and Johnny Parry.

The M!MS manifesto and the stories of the events and artworks they made is the folklore that underpins the current creative work of all its members. Part nostalgia, part invention and part philosophical exploration of truth and sincerity, expect lively, quirky music and eccentric performances. All of this new work was produced in and around Bedford.

Part of the Zabludowicz Collection Annual Commission: Andy Holden, realised in partnership with Spike Island, Bristol, supported by Bedford Creative Arts and Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University.

The resulting exhibition: Towards a Unified Theory of M!MS ran from 26 September – 15 December 2013 at Zabludowicz Collection, London, and will tour the country in 2014.







Andy Holden