Time Travellers of Dunstable

01/06/2014 - 30/06/2014


Our Time Travellers of Dunstable commission explored the idea of ageing as a form of time travel in a unique new sound piece created by artist Julie Myers.

Working with forty over 55s, Julie collected and recorded their memories and stories of the town, past and present, and their thoughts on the years ahead.

“We spent the summer running wild in the woods and the fields, sometimes playing in the fountain at the Cali pool in our knitted bathing suits.”

These memories could be heard at a one off event  in 3 locations in Dunstable town centre in circular coloured ‘Audio Zones’ on July 2014.

The work is still available to listen to online at;

A Test Beds commission.

Test Beds was a programme to experiment with artists’ work in social settings, getting artists and communities of place/or interest to work together on imaginative creative projects.

Test Beds is funded by the LLoyds Bank Foundation.



01/06/2014 - 30/06/2014


United Kingdom,


Julie Myers