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03/04/2008 - 30/04/2008


Suzanne Mooney’s work reconsiders how we look at the world through representation by exploring the medium and the apparatus of photography itself. The relationship between production, function and mediation of the photographic image is central to her practice. Employing diverse photographic techniques, appropriated images and found objects, Mooney’s work is a conceptual play with the processes involved in image making.

While artist in residence at BCA Suzanne concentrated on exploring new directions for her work. Integral to the research was the accumulation of source material; collecting huge numbers of photography manuals and displaced souvenirs from local outlets, culminated in the production of a new bodies of work; Souvenirs of Bedford.

 Souvenirs of Bedford focused on a collection of objects gathered from various charity shops acrossBedford. These souvenirs shared a commonality in that they were all for sale in the same location, but all originate from elsewhere. As mementos of travel they have been abstracted from their original function to serve as traces of authentic experience and to conjure up nostalgic memories, in Bedford these souvenirs are redundant.

Mooney’s work asks why she or indeed anyone would want to purchase a souvenir from a place they are not. By displaying these trinkets in the space along with postcards representing the objects, the exhibition was more in keeping with the museum shop than a gallery. This series continued Mooney’s interest in the function of everyday objects and how through different juxtapositions, new functions can arise.

This project was produced whilst Suzanne was Artist in Residence with BCA. Although we are not currently running a residency scheme, we do have artists’ studios to rent. If you are interested, please email Cheap Phentermine


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