Pigeon Holes

24/01/2009 - 21/03/2009


Jane Edden’s work is concerned with the way we perceive nature, particularly birds and how we represent and reference them in everyday life. During her time in residence at BCA she focused on the birds that she found close to the gallery, primarily pigeons, rooks and swans. Although her work is inspired by and takes its imagery directly from birds it often tells us more about human behaviour than it does about our feathered friends.
In Jane’s exhibition, there was a mixture of projection and film pieces as well as two installations, one of which featured a large black tree, positioned in the gallery window, catching the attention of many a passer- by! The largest wall inside the gallery was dedicated to an interactive installation called Pigeonhole. The piece comprised of hundreds of postcards depicting a pigeon on the front and a bird inspired idiom or proverb on the back, reminding visitors just how often we make reference to birds through language. The postcards imitated the life of homing pigeons, starting off at the gallery and then being set free by the artist to travel to countries all over the world, only to finally return to BCA Gallery for display in the exhibition.

This project was produced whilst Jane was Artist in Residence with BCA. Although we are not currently running a residency scheme, we do have artists’ studios to rent. If you are interested, please email info@bedfordcreativearts.org.uk



24/01/2009 - 21/03/2009