human library

01/10/2014 - 11/11/2014


In Autumn 2014  we worked with three Central Bedfordshire Council  libraries to bring you Human Library, a worldwide initiative that promotes dialogue, reduces prejudices and encourages understanding.

Human Library worked just like a normal library – open to all, readers chose from a catalogue and borrowed a Book for a limited period of time, returning it back for others to share. The twist in the Human Library is that the “Books” are people and that “reading” them involves a conversation.

The Human Library has a specific purpose – to challenge stereotypes and to confront stigma, prejudice and discrimination in all forms. The experience of Human Library has the potential to change the attitudes and behaviours of all of us and help build a more inclusive, tolerant and cohesive society.

When you visited the Human Library you were given a choice of Books to borrow. Part of the experience is to choose a Book that challenges you and makes you think about the way you see the people you share your community with.

Human Library has become a worldwide phenomenon since it began in 2000 in Denmark. Examples of books that we had on loan included The Lonely Gays in the Village, (S)he S(he) She, Happy to be Autistic, and I can’t spell, am I thick?

Our Human Library took place at Dunstable, Flitwick and Leighton Buzzard Libraries.



01/10/2014 - 11/11/2014


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