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19/06/2017 - 02/07/2017


Bedford Music In Detention worked on a number of exciting projects with various partner organisations for Refugee week 2017.

“An emotional release through artistic expression in which detainees voices are heard near and far through community exchange projects in all music led art forms.”

Jih -Wen Yeh (Producer, Bedford MID).

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Led by the professional music therapist, Phoebe Cave and cellist Vanessa Lucas-Smith, workshops held at Yarl’s Wood IRC allowed detainees to explore songs from people’s homelands, the workshops process were very emotional, moving and beautiful. The material generated during the sessions and afterwards with individual participants have been used for public workshops. The artists ran workshops called ‘Big Sing’ at South Bank Centre, these song lyrics were creative between Yarl’s Wood and Women for Refugee women group. The event attracted 300 participants singing during the weekend of Refugee Week.

The audio material generated during the sessions and afterwards with individual participants has been used for public workshops and an art installation in the Southbank Centre. The women detainees in Yarl’s Wood were heard as part of CharWie Tsai’s encounter as perspectives from refugee women in the UK through film portraits of song and storytelling.

Buy Veterinary Diazepamvisual installation was installed in 7 locations in and out of the SouthBank centre for two weeks in June 2017. The total visitor attendance in the Royal Festival Hall during Refugee Week, of which the Hear Her Singing project was an important part, was 77,687.

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Trailer courtesy of Charwei Tsai and Tsering Tashi Gyalthang.

With thanks to Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


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Southbank Centre,
Belvedere Rd,
London SE1 8XX,

Want to get involved? Buy Diazepam Australia