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12/12/2008 - 17/01/2009


Lorrice Douglas produces work as if researching for a film or a novel, using a range of media including archive, installation and photography to construct or present a scene.  The scene being staged in ‘The Gatehouse’ references the attic room that Douglas occupied as BCA’s resident artist in 2007.  This piece is typical of Douglas’s work in that it introduces the audience to a staged space, a facade, in which the content is a culmination of fiction and reality.

*”Stage sets intrigue me, with their ability to transport the viewer to an alternative space and time, whilst being made up of crudely constructed parts behind their facade.”

Image © Lorrice Douglas

Previously Douglas worked with museums as a way of researching layers of constructed space.  Douglas is interested in how a building or environment can embody different eras, status and uses.  The interior of the attic space in which she worked was a strange fusion of domestic and clerical, housing piles of boxes and files amongst evidence of a once domestic setting.  Douglas perceived the room as symbolic of the transitional phase being experienced by the building itself and the arts organisation that it accommodated.  Soon after the completion of Douglas’s residency, BCA relocated to a new home on Bedford’s High Street.

For the purposes of ‘The Gatehouse’ exhibition, Douglas built a scale version of part of the attic room.  Although the architectural dimensions of the set are authentic, the new construction introduced the viewer to a slightly alternative landscape:  A space alluding to the dreams once played out by the ‘gatehouse keeper’ – the original occupier of the room.

This project was produced whilst Lorrice was Artist in Residence with BCA. Although we are not currently running a residency scheme, we do have artists’ studios to rent. If you are interested, please email Cheap Phentermine


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