Future Towns


The Future Towns commission by Sadie Hennessy invited people to create a series of new souvenirs for Bedford. Souvenirs set in the future not the past.

Sadie Hennessy developed the project with local residents over twelve months at four pop-up workshops. The project began with the making of a giant mural using collage techniques. Participants worked with the artist to create a fantastical vision of Bedford’s real-life people and places. They created a series of humorous, vibrant and anarchic motifs and with many Bedford icons re-imagined. Sadie showed participants how to make their collage into a souvenir badge or rosette to take home. At the final event, participants made a commemorative china tea set for Bedford.

Sadie’s project featured at The River Festival in July 2018, at The Philharmonia’s Virtual Orchestra Fringe in August 2018, in October 2018 at BedPop Fun Palace at The Higgins Museum Bedford, and at The Higgins Museum Bedford in March 2019.  Scroll down for more details.

The commemorative tea set is now on display in the Drawing Room at The Higgins, Bedford.

Commemorative Tea Set

Image: Victoria Partridge

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Sadie Hennessy

Future Towns Projects

Future Towns at The River Festival 2018

The start of our Future Towns project. Making Bedford souvenirs of the future with artist Sadie Hennessy

Futur-oke Future Towns

Sadie Hennessy's galactic-inspired pop-up karaoke for Major Toms and Inter-planet Janets

Future Towns at Bedford Fun Palace

Creative workshops to make souvenirs of the future by Sadie Hennessy

Future Towns at The Higgins

Our final Future Towns workshop was at The Higgins Bedford on Saturday the 16th March 2019. The aim was to create a souvenir tea set for Bedford, set in the future and designed by the people of Bedford. Visitors worked with artist Sadie Hennessy to select curious and fun motifs that were made by the