18/02/2001 - 18/03/2001


Donut was the first exhibition at BCA Gallery; a multi-screen film installation by artist Mike Stubbs. Mike was brought up in Bedford and the overriding passion of his adolescence was cars. His memories of car culture are bound up with the identity of Bedford from the Santa Pod raceway, to surrounding car manufacturing and design plants.

Donut is the term used by young fast car enthusiasts to describe a circle of burnt rubber made by spinning a rear wheel drive car on the spot. It represents bravado and skill on the part of the driver who is usually part of the local car cruising culture.

The film treats the goal of the perfect donut as a ritual performance. Around this, Mike interweaved his memories of growing up immersed in the car culture of the 70s with imagery of contemporary local car enthusiasts.

This work has been exhibited worldwide and is now on permanent display in The Science Museum, London.



18/02/2001 - 18/03/2001