Different Pasts, Shared Futures

17/06/2017 - 25/06/2017


Bedford Music In Detention worked on a number of exciting projects with various partner organisations for Refugee week 2017.

“An emotional release through artistic expression in which detainees’ voices are heard near and far through community exchange projects in all music led art forms.”

Jih -Wen Yeh (Producer, Bedford MID).

Voices – Different Pasts, Shared Futures

For Refugee Week 2017 Bedford Music In Detention collaborated with The Higgins Bedford on the project called ‘’Different Pasts, Shared Futures’’. Detainee participants in Yarl’s Wood took part in tapestry workshops and shared their stories with artist Josepa Munoz. This work formed part of the launch event of the new exhibition on 17th June.

The new exhibition also featured voices from oral histories by refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants from Syria, Iraq, Rwanda and Palestine. The exhibition also featured a Tapestry of objects which people had shared from their countries of origin.

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17/06/2017 - 25/06/2017


The Higgins Museum,
Castle Lane,
Bedford MK40 3XD,


Josepa Munoz