Clubhouse (2018) The Film



Clubhouse, by Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou, is a collaborative, non-fiction short film. It documents a year long art project set on two streets on a housing estate in Bedford from 2017-2018. The film’s public premiere took place in Bedford on 23 January 2019.

Exploring ideas of place and neighbourhood alongside tales of sea monsters, animals and slime, the film combines observational documents of everyday life, from staged scenes of performance to camera, sound recordings and special effects, to footage from the children’s own cameras. Through a series of workshops and events, from script writing, camera and sound sessions to costume and prop making, the local residents became storytellers.

Seeking to explore the tension between construction and reality, a green screen is used as an invitation into another dimension of play and imagination. Everyday activities such as baking and gardening are weaved in with fantasies of sea monsters, invisible flying and silver Mermaids.

“I think it was the artists’ ability to trust, listen, observe and respond in the moment, set within the critical framework they had designed, that enabled them to create such a highly collaborative and open project. The project took everyone involved, from the residents, the artists and the BCA team on a journey of discovery and experimentation in art-making. The film is fresh with surprise, generosity and joy-fulness and a spontaneity that I think is a direct result of trust the artists built with the residents, coupled with their innovative approach to process.”  Annie Bacon, Creative Producer and Curator, Bedford Creative Arts.

Clubhouse excerpt 1

Clubhouse excerpt 2

2’12” excerpt, full film available upon request

A film by Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou
with residents of Queen’s Park, Bedford.
Produced by Bedford Creative Arts
21’, HD Video with sound, 2018







Julie Myers

Maria Anastassiou