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Paradigm Drift

For Bedford Creative Arts’ Autumn 2013 mini commission artist Jan Uprichard subverted our daily routine with a dreamlike film of a sea view ordinarily unobtainable in Bedford.


Quilla Constance ‘QC’ – Performative Lecture

Join us for a performative lecture by artist Jennifer Allen aka Quilla Constance ‘QC’, to explore the negotiation of black female identities within pop culture and high art. Through her ‘exotic’ militant punk persona Allen will interrogate ‘the gendered, sexed and raced body as a site of agency, celebration, conflict and reinvention’ * Throughout the


Shop Studio, Kristian Purcell

Our first mini commission project took place in February 2012 – where we invaded Church Arcade, in Bedford’s town centre, with local painter Kristian Purcell


hip hop vs monuments

Do you walk past Bedford’s monuments and statues without a second glance on a daily basis? Do you know their meaning? Renowned choreographer and photographer Mickael Marso Riviere , international street dancer Si Rawlinson and a troupe of young street dancers from Bedford fused photography, live art and Hip Hop/Breakin dance to challenge our perspective of the well-known

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