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30/05/2012 - 29/11/2015


The Bedford Community Arts Choir is a unique music group for people of all abilities, performing specially commissioned works by local composers and arrangers.

Founded in 2012 for Cheap Phentermine, the choir followed up two sell-out performances of this spectacular new work by continuing to seek out, rehearse and perform new and innovative music.

Lead by Roger Illingworth, in their first three years they have been a Complaints Choir, a Happiness Choir, developed their repertoire of local songs, known as Songs From the Wooden Hill, joined other singers as part of a Remembrance choir and performed to a sell out audience at the launch of The Bedford Songbook!

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They became an independent entity separate from Bedford Creative Arts in 2016. If you would like to get involved in their current projects or find out more about them click Buy Veterinary Diazepam.




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