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For our November 2017 Artist Supper we took a whirlwind tour through the art world labyrinth by way of a pub quiz, devised by BCA’s Curator Producer Annie Bacon.  The quiz Featured topics such as artist bands; is it art? and art world wags and habs.

The Artists’ Suppers are part of our Contemporary Artists Bedfordshire programme. They aim to offer rich conversation paired with great food and the opportunity for local artists to meet, connect, share and get to know one another.


About Annie Bacon:

Curator Producer at Bedford Creative Arts since 2014, Annie has worked in the contemporary visual arts for over 13 years nationally and internationally and has particular interests in social practice, selling and collecting.

After studying Visual Art she worked in marketing for many years including at Microsoft UK as their Brand Manager. On moving to Singapore she returned to her first love, art, and secured a role at international print gallery Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Back in the UK she has worked for the Artes Mundi Prize, Iniva and Wysing Arts Centre, worked on art fair projects at Art Basel, London Art Fair, Zoo and Sluice, and with Sothebys.

Annie is based in Cambridge and has an extensive contemporary arts network both in the East region, nationally and in Asia. Annie is also an active member of The Collective, a national art collecting network which promotes contemporary art collecting as a group activity.


Image: Panthenon of Books by Marta Minujin 2017 Documenta


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The White Horse,
84 Newnham Avenue,
MK41 9PX,

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