Animating Environments at The BedPop Science Lab 2017



On 11 March 2017 the BedPop Science Lab hit Bedford town centre with a host of mind-blowing workshops, demonstrations and experiments. Bedford Creative Arts could be found at The Higgins Bedford with our science-inspired workshop, Animating Environments, led by artists Maria Anastassiou and Paul Nicholson.

BedPop participants were invited to fly over Bedford, host their own weather forecast and land on their very own planet as we de-mystified the TV green screen. Participants first made their own landscape using images from various encyclopaedias, magazines and photos with artist Paul and were then transported into their new world by artist Maria with the help of some technological magic.

The workshop proved to be highly popular with over 100 fantastical landscapes being made throughout the course of the day.

With thanks to the BedPop Science Lab and The Higgins Bedford.

Images courtesy of Cat Lane.





The Higgins,
Castle Lane,
Bedford MK40 3XD,


Maria Anastassiou