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27/09/2008 - 28/11/2008


In her new body of work ‘A Glimpse of the Familiar’ produced as part of a residency with BCA Gallery, Joanna Clark has focused her attentions on presenting the various fragments that make up her world. ‘A Glimpse of the Familiar’ includes over 100 quiet, yet evocative images, combining landscape with portraiture, colour and black and white in a photographic installation that speaks volumes.  Although deeply personal, Clark’s work is universally relevant.

Clark’s photography rejects any formal composition, comparing stylistically to film stills or to documentary photography depicting the charm of ordinary life. Clark’s work introduces the viewer to the people and places with whom she shares an intimate relationship.  As subjects captured in her photographs they appear fascinating, beautiful and timeless, the photograph often revealing what is sometimes hidden or overlooked in life.

Clark’s treatment of nature could be described as reverential, responding to every seasonal change, portraying bare branches to blossom then leaves to berries. The nature depicted is not pruned or tidy in fact Clark seems drawn to nature at its most wild and untamed, completely at ease with its surroundings. Man’s intervention in the landscape is always present though, the images feature subtle hints of this such as mown grass, farm land or a built structure on the horizon. The people in Clark’s pictures are utterly natural and comfortable with her. She is the fly on their living room wall, present during their picnics and country walks documenting their quiet moments, and seeing their world through her eyes.

Images © Joanna Clark

This project was produced whilst Joanne was Artist in Residence with BCA. Although we are not currently running a residency scheme, we do have artists’ studios to rent. If you are interested, please email Cheap Phentermine


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