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01/04/2005 - 30/04/2005


When Dinu Li was just seven years old, his family left Hong Kong and emigrated to the UK. His departure from the east and arrival in the west affected him profoundly. In Age of Transition, Li revisits this unsettling period of his life exploring the interactions that result when different cultures meet. He transformed the appearance of the gallery spaces with his intriguing video and sound installation that features photographs, memorabilia, found objects, and a world atlas with musical accompaniment from the Western film soundtrack to Dr Zhivago. The soundtrack acts as the point of commonality where both eastern and western cultures meet and could be heard playing throughout the exhibition.

You can find out more about Dinu’s work by visiting his Cheap Phentermine .

His publication ‘The Mother of all Journeys’ also explores this time in his life.

This project was produced whilst Dinu was Artist in Residence with BCA.


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Age Of Transition

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