Richard Sobey


As a place-making consultant, Richard creates strategies, designs projects, develops policies and evaluates actions, working with clients across the urban planning, local government, cultural and heritage sectors internationally. As a creative producer of experimental place-making labs and arts installations with over 25 years of professional experience, Richard creates people-focussed interventions that test approaches to urban living. He collaborates with artists, technologists, serious games designers, architects, planners, land managers, developers, communities and audiences to make engaging and impactful experiences in the public realm designed to inform urban design initiatives and policy decisions in place-shaping.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Richard recently completed the MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design research programme at UCL Bartlett School of Planning (awarded Distinction and year prize 2019).   His research focussed on active citizenship and the creation of spaces of challenge for citizen participation in smart urbanism (embedded technologies and data analysis for urban management and city development).