Katie Boag


Katie Boag a graduate of both the BA in Dance and Professional Practice and MA in Dance Performance and Choreography at the University of Bedfordshire. She now is a dance artist and maker specialising in Krump and Contemporary movement. Aiming to build a reputable dance company (E14 Dance Company). Her work is motivated and inspired by creating work that gives a voice to socio-political issues. And is fuelled on how she views the world. Blossom (working title) is a collaborative duet that looks at women who are overlooked and forgotten about in society. Exploring the duality of divine female power and delicate femininity. Katie and Jodie Bray collaborate to create powerful and thought provoking piece, looking at both sides of prejudice that women go through in their lives. Combined with an emotive original score created by Ashley Goosey and costume by Juliet Dodson.