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Our network for creative businesses in Bedfordshire has a new host. Sam Turton is taking the reigns of both the Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire networks from July 2017. Sam is Artistic Director at Novus Theatre and a Visiting Lecturer in Performing Arts and Theatre at University of Bedfordshire. As Artistic Director, Sam has developed

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Yarl’s Wood Music Workshops – A Closer Look

Music In Detention (MID) is a national charity, which uses participatory music making to improve the mental wellbeing of immigration detainees and to integrate detainees into local communities. Based within Bedford Creative Arts, Bedford MID is a partnership between MID and local voluntary, community and arts organisations in Bedford. Our workshops use drumming, percussion, singing,

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Blurred Boundaries: Where does art end and architecture begin?

Blurred Boundaries: Where does art end and architecture begin? A talk at the Royal Institute of British Architects Chair: Corinne Mynatt, RIBA Curator Speakers: Alex Coles, The Transdisciplinary Studio Dr Catharine Rossi, Kingston University Sam Jacob, Sam Jacob Studio Mariana Pestana, V&A On 11th October the Royal Institute of British Architects opened its doors to

Want to get involved? Buy Phentermine Hcl Online