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Rush Hour, Martin Newth

It was anticipated that by 2010 drivers in the UK would spend an extra working week per year stuck in traffic. In Rush Hour Martin Newth confronted this inevitable reality by photographing commuter routes during peake travel times. The use of hour long exposure times reduced the relentless movement of thousands of cars and people


10 Minute Exit, Patricia MacKinnon-Day

10 Minute Exit was an exhibition of new work exploring some of the issues relating to the farming of pigs for meat. The installation of sculpture, video and sound work investigated the social behaviour of penned pigs, on the farm and in the abattoir, three weeks prior to slaughter. Using playful animation and children’s nursery rhymes


Radio 101, Zoe Irvine

Radio 101 was an exhibition and FM radio station broadcasting from our former Gallery on Bedford High Street. The show related to the R101 airship built at Cardington in the 1920s and it’s illfaited maiden voyage to Karachi. The journey finished in disaster as the R101 came down at Allonne near Beauvais outside Paris on Saturday


Our Silence is Your Comfort, Kay Goodridge

Cambridge based artist and photographer Kay Goodridge explored stories and relationships hidden within a series of found photographs. Her research into these images resulted in the production of two bodies of work Our Silence is Your Comfort and Making Contact. In Making Contact, Goodridge questioned how closeness and family relationships are represented in the family


Window On The World, Nilu Azadi

Window on the World was an exhibition of an extraordinary body of work by pinhole photographer Nilu Izadi. Constructing cameras from boxes and tins of all shapes and sizes, Izadi captures the world around her in a series of beautiful and mysterious photographs. The artist describes it as an unpredictable process where one gently plays


Made in Bedford

When WH Allen announced the closure of its engineering works in 1999, there was a real sense of shock in the local community. This was the factory that at one time employed 3,500 people. Much of Queens Park was built to house the work force. So, in commemoration of the national importance of the factory,


The Bedford Project, Andre Stitt

Over the period of one year Wales-based performance artist Andre Stitt  performed a series of eight live art performances in Bedford town and the surrounding rural areas. These performances were in direct response to the town’s own unique society and culture. Each of the performances was recorded using photography and film. 01   White Trash Curry Kick Conceived of


Woman at the wheel

Inspired by the Mike Stubbs exhibition at BCA, this collaborative project brought together work by local women photographers and film makers. A cross section of women drivers agreed to participate and feature in the images, women driving ‘dream cars’, women using their driving skills in their working lives, women in a voluntary situation and women


The Dome Project

Inspired by the Millennium Dome and the turn of the century, BCA involved large numbers of local people in the making and decorating of plastic domes. The work was then amassed for a striking public display at the Bedford’s River Festival.  


The Eyrie Roar

‘The Eyrie Roar’ was a phrase coined in the fifties to describe the atmosphere at Bedford Town Football Club as the crowd waited for their heroes to enter the pitch. The book BCA compiled is the result of reminiscence sessions with fans of the club, offering a unique record of their memories of the Club’s

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