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Only A Stranger Can Bring Good Luck, Only A Known Man Can Hang, Faye Claridge

Faye Claridge is an extraordinary artist, using photography and film as her chosen means to freeze her handpicked subjects in time. In this series of work, the subjects depicted are a group of Morris dancers from Bedfordshire. Seated before a painted ‘paradise’ each Morris Man’s pose is defiant yet calm. Contrasting markers of time imbue

Buy Soma Online Usa

The Secret Life of Things, Suzanne Mooney

Suzanne Mooney’s work reconsiders how we look at the world through representation by exploring the medium and the apparatus of photography itself. The relationship between production, function and mediation of the photographic image is central to her practice. Employing diverse photographic techniques, appropriated images and found objects, Mooney’s work is a conceptual play with the

Buy Soma Online Usa

What Do I Know About Bedford Anyway, Aaron Head

During his residency at BCA Aaron Head drew on his immediate environment to generate an intriguing project that combined the mediums of sculpture, installation and film to further explore his preoccupation with food and drink and their intricate social role in contemporary, multicultural Britain. Food and drink are recurrent tools in Head’s armoury. His work retraces

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