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Bedford Music in Detention delivered by Bedford Creative Arts in partnership with The Higgins Bedford is delighted to announce a new commission, ‘Routes Bedford’ as part of ‘Routes’ by Theatre Témoin. Routes Bedford will be a large-scale puppetry and sound installation theatre piece. Over the course of six workshops in early autumn, Theatre Témoin will construct the puppets

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Job Opportunity Office and Facilities Manager

BCA is a dynamic arts charity that has been working in Bedfordshire and beyond for over thirty years.  We bring artists and communities together to create high quality and ambitious art projects which involve the community in the making of the work. You will find us in places where you least expect art to happen, such as shopping

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Open Call for Journeys Artist Residency with BedMID at The Higgins, Bedford

Open call for artists’ proposals. Bedford Music In Detention delivered by Bedford Creative Arts, in partnership with The Higgins, Bedford are inviting applications from socially engaged artists, working across art forms to undertake a residency at The Higgins, Bedford. The work produced during the residency will be showcased at The Higgins at the end of

Generic Ambien Qualitest Buy Diazepam Australia

BedMID at Refugee Week 2018

Refugee week is fast approaching and BedMID is gearing up to launch two new pieces of work. Johanne Hudson Lett has been developing the music from the ‘Countrywide CD’ released during Refugee Week 2017, alongside making new songs with participants from Friends of Refugees, Bedfordshire. Roshi Nasehi has been working with refugee family participants from Bedford’s Kings Arms Project on an

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The Philharmonia Guest List comes to Bedford Corn Exchange

Last October, young people were treated to a concert by The Philharmonia Orchestra at The Corn Exchange in Bedford. Bedford Creative Arts and The Philharmonia Orchestra partnered to reach a wider audience in the town, enabling many young people to experience a live musical performance. Kayte Judge, who leads The Culture Challenge and has become

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Bedford in new nationwide art project Processions

Bedford Creative Arts to take part in Nationwide Art Project to celebrate the centenary of the women’s vote Bedford Creative Arts is delighted to announce our support for PROCESSIONS, a mass participation artwork to mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, which gave the first British women the right to vote. PROCESSIONS

Want to get involved? Buy Valium In Koh Samui