Folklore, local identity and the Bay City Rollers

On Sunday thousands of Dunstable locals gathered on the downs to ‘charm the wind’ as part of our commission with artist Laurence Payot.  For nearly a year now Laurence has been working with the population of the town to ‘create the legend of tomorrow’, in response to our call for an artist led project that


We Are Now, Laurence Payot

Laurence Payot is a french born, Liverpool based artist. She creates subtle yet challenging works in the public realm, short-circuiting our everyday routine to spark new ways of perceiving the world around us. For We Are Now we invited the people of Dunstable to dance with the wind, become part of a collective performance, and


We are recruiting

Programme Co-ordinator for Bedford Music in Detention.

You will be responsible for developing, delivering and promoting an engaging programme of regular participatory music activities with immigration detainees and in the local community.


Things beginning with P

  Last Saturday in Bedford I was inspired by people, by places and by pants. The pants bit was completely unexpected. I was in a room that was passionate about DIY, not shelf building but people committed to just getting on with doing it for themselves and making things happen.  I was atTEDxBedford. TEDx is


Wind collaboration

This weekend the Bedford Creative Arts team and artist Laurence Payot met up with kite display team The Flying Squad on Dunstable Downs, to experiment with wind and costumes for our summer commission, We Are Now Hundreds of people from Dunstable and the surrounding areas will get involved over the summer, in a series of