Mira Calix with a family in Queen's Park


Tributes paid to Mira Calix

We are shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Take Part Queen’s Park artist Mira Calix. Mira was an ambitious, experimental contemporary artist whose exemplary work never ceased to inspire and transform. It has been our great privilege to work with Mira in her home community of Queen’s Park.  We have witnessed her

The Culture Challenge

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The Culture Challenge 2022 Plan

We’d appreciate if you would share this widely among local educators and your own networks: For teachers, youth leaders and homeschoolers, planning something different to enhance well-being and skills in your learners in 2022, research from the Cultural Learning Alliance shows that young people (and all of us!) really benefit from cultural engagement. To help

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There is always lots happening at Bedford Creative Arts (BCA), from street art to dance performances, and from airships to screen printing. If it is arts based then we will be there! With a new year ahead and lots of new and exciting projects lined up, why not sign up to our newsletter to find

Blunt Blades Arabel Lebrusan


Blunt Blades – police-confiscated knives become art 

Blunt Blades is a new exhibition at The Higgins, Bedford, which recycles police-confiscated knives into art. The concept has been eight years in development by Arabel Lebrusan, an ethical jeweller who was inspired to complete this project when Bedfordshire Police presented her with three crates of confiscated knives and other sharp artefacts back in October 2013. The exhibition consists of 275 rings


Social Impact of ‘800 Lifetimes’

‘800 Lifetimes’ is a 45-minute contemporary dance, sound and voice performance produced and performed by Pell Ensemble. Created with local communities and inspired by modern myth-making, ‘800 Lifetimes’, uses 360 sound technology Flowfal (a wearable app that allowed dancers to move and manipulate the sound in the space in real-time). The movements, material and words were

Take Part Queen's Park


‘Made in Queen’s Park’ Community Cafe

For one week only – Saturday 23rd October to Friday 29thOctober –  residents of Queen’s Park benefited from a free pop up café offering fun activities for half term. The free event, at the community centre, gave residents the chance to try out arts and crafts while enjoying some tea and cake. The café continued to

Airship dreams, green particles that make the shape of a man


Case study: Shortstown Primary School Escapes Gravity

Bedford Creative Arts (BCA) and The Higgins Bedford have collaborated with artist Mike Stubbs to develop a new artwork and community exhibition based on Bedfordshire’s Airship Heritage. One of our goals is to engage the local community in the engineering heritage of the local area, and our links to the airship industry. Children and young

Shortstown Airship Dreams. Colourful craft airship


Join the Airship Dreamers Club

Bedfordshire parents and children can benefit from joining the Airship Dreamers Club developed by Bedford Creative Arts (BCA). The Airship Dreamers Club is part of BCA’s Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity project, which is an immersive artwork and community-curated exhibition exploring Bedford’s airship heritage. The artwork will be on display in The Higgins’ William Harpur Gallery until 28th November 2021 and is

Airship Dreams Escaping Gravity. Green particles making the image of the airship


Exhibition Announcement – Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity at The Higgins Bedford Sat 10 July – Sun 28 November 2021

Exhibition Announcement – Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity The Higgins Bedford Sat 10 July – Sun 28 November 2021 A new large scale artwork by Mike Stubbs exploring the spectacle and utopianism of UK airship heritage. Recreating a drifty and dreamy sensation like sailing through space, Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity explores a fascination with airships and

Rob and Romesh Vs Art


Catch up on Quilla Constance’s latest TV appearances

After collaborating on a previous project, Processions, we’re thrilled to continue working with artist Quilla Constance (QC) on Teasing Out Contingencies. With a focus on collaboration, dialogue and exchange, QC is inviting the public to take part in a series of workshops to create inventive performances and scenarios, asking the questions what is British society