Library As Laboratory Design Opportunity



Library As Laboratory Design Opportunity


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Starting this Autumn we will be working with Central Bedfordshire Council to deliver their exciting new Library as Laboratory commissions.

The council has secured funding from Arts Council England to run a two year arts project across central Bedfordshire Council Libraries. The project will engage eight artists who are specialists in different art forms to collaborate together and work with members of the public and identified library ‘non user’ groups to create artistic works or projects. During the two years of the project a range of public workshops, events and presentations will take place.

What we are looking for now are Designers to create the branding for the project as a whole.

The aim of the project is to engage with the public and identified non user groups to use the library services (young people, working age men, people who are isolated and or house bound) and ask the question what is the library service of the future? How do you want to access knowledge?

The branding for the project must therefore be ‘creative, engaging and fresh ’ and act as a identifiable stand alone project brand that will both raise the projects profile and inspire a wide demographic of the public to engage with the project whilst also echoing Central Bedfordshire Councils ‘’great prospects” branding. Alongside this it will be necessary to have exceptionally well designed marketing materials that identify the project brand clearly and can be used on a variety of different marketing materials targeted at different groups and promoting a range of events and workshops.
We therefore require a logo some graphics/unique elements/ to be used within the “great prospect” branding (supplied with quotation document) and poster templates that can be used interchangeably to identify this project.

The successful bidder will be required to:
• Provide three or four options for a logo/graphics which can be incorporated into the ‘great prospects’ branding templates
• From these concepts develop a final logo in various formats for use on the web and other promotional pieces.
• Design an A5 promotional flyer template poster using the ‘great prospect’ templates (supplied with quotation document) and graphics as above
• Design an A4/A3 promotional poster template using the ‘great prospect’ templates (supplied with quotation document) and graphics as above
• Design a promotional letterhead

All the information about the tendering process can be found at the links below

PT54 Library as Laboratory

Central bedfordshire_Guidelines_LowRes

Great Prospects

All tenders should be made to Central Beds Council by 12pm, 31st July 2014.

If you would like to find out more please contact Emma van Nieuwenburgh at; 

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