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Latest News

June 7, 2019
Buy Xanax On The Internet

Queen’s Park Cultural Capital – Call for Artists

BCA is now calling for artists to join our new Queen’s Park Cultural Capital project; a two-year action research and co-creation project funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and The Harpur Trust, with additional support from Arts Council England, Bedford Borough Council and bpha housing association. The project is set in the diverse community of Queen’s Park, Bedford where residents

May 17, 2019
Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech

Opinion: Which tribe are you?

As Grayson Perry has observed, “most people want to fit in with their tribe in some way or another, so they give off signals, whether it’s with their clothes, their behavior, their car, their whatever, and gain status . . . and the signals are an unconscious display of who you are and where you

April 25, 2019
Buy Ambien Online Paypal

PRESS RELEASE: Imperial Airship Dreams at Bedford Central Library

Bedford Central Library, in partnership with Bedford Creative Arts, are pleased to announce they have received a project grant from Arts Council England for a new participatory digital making project that explores Bedford’s long association with airships and technology.  During the May half-term, visitors to the library will be invited to work with artists Mike

Super Cheap Xanax

Want to get involved? Generic Ambien Qualitest