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Things beginning with P

  Last Saturday in Bedford I was inspired by people, by places and by pants. The pants bit was completely unexpected. I was in a room that was passionate about DIY, not shelf building but people committed to just getting on with doing it for themselves and making things happen.  I was atTEDxBedford. TEDx is


Wind collaboration

This weekend the Bedford Creative Arts team and artist Laurence Payot met up with kite display team The Flying Squad on Dunstable Downs, to experiment with wind and costumes for our summer commission, We Are Now Hundreds of people from Dunstable and the surrounding areas will get involved over the summer, in a series of


Concerto Magnificent: An Anthology of All Things

In 2012 Bedford Creative Arts worked with composer Johnny Parry, who brought together a big-hearted army of people to develop a cycle of songs, written and performed in collaboration with the public. Hundreds of local people were involved in contributing lyrics, before a new community choir was formed to rehearse and finally perform the songs.


Bedford Youth art

ofundeterminedorigin: Today I installed an exhibition I was asked to put together for Bedford Creative Arts. Featuring photographs taken by the young people who live, work and socialise in the Midland Road area, it is to act as a showcase of the daily lives of members of their community.  It was a really fun little task

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