Artists seek bands to ‘Dump it on Parliament’



Artists seek bands to ‘Dump it on Parliament’


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As part of the Central Bedfordshire Council Libraries and Bedford Creative Arts Library as Laboratory project, funded by Arts Council England, 8 artists have been commissioned to explore the role of libraries in the future through the creation of 3 pieces of work.
Dump it on Parliament Revisited is searching for five bands to perform on the 27 November 2015 as part of its new living history artwork. Using the backdrop of Bedfordshire’s well-known post-punk scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s which flourished as a reaction to the social and political shifts of the time: high unemployment, cuts to public funding and a Conservative government. These issues fuelled the ‘Punk’ spirit and ‘D.I.Y ethic’ which was embraced by the local bands, venues and political activists of the time.
An example of this raw, creative, politicised energy was the Dump it on Parliament: 1986 Luton Compilation cassette part of Bedfordshire Against Nuclear Dumping (B.A.N.D.). In true punk spirit, local young alternative musicians came together against a proposed nuclear waste dump in Bedford. Bands contributed specially written songs protesting against the Governments nuclear agency Nirex.
Artists Roshi Nasehi, Dash MacDonald and Demitrios Kargotis want to revisit and celebrate this piece of alternative local history and start a conversation between exciting new bands and original band members from Bedford’s post punk scene.
Through workshops the 5 bands will get to work with musicians Roshi Nasehi (Roshi Feat. Pars Radio, David Thomas, Suns Of Arqa) Graham Dowdall (Gagarin, Ludus, John McKay, Pere Ubu) and Steve Spon (UK Decay). The artists will be printing a limited edition vinyl of the compilation which will be recorded live at a final performance at the Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre on the 27th November.
Rob Callaghan from The Twitch, one of original compilation contributors has said “parliament deserves to be dumped on again and again.”  Roshi Nasehi explained “The bands will be invited to play one of their own politicised and countercultural songs as well as a cover version of an original track. So if you are in a band and you’ve a musical way of voices your issues, let us know.”
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