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Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity touring opportunity

Escaping Gravity – A new world symphony – An immersive artwork exploring themes of flight and fantasy available to tour 2022

What is escaping gravity?

Escaping Gravity is an immersive, contemporary, cinematic experience produced

by a collaboration of six artists over a two-year period during the pandemic.

The work explores the essence of humanity – birth, death, our place in the

atmosphere, human folly, and the environmental climate crisis.

Its core inspiration is the epic story of the R101 Airship – akin to the Titanic, a project

that incited the dream of airship flight but ended in tragedy. This multi-layered

metaphor evokes the journey of the R101 from its maiden international flight to

its ultimate crash, imbued with the themes of birth, death and rebirth echoing

the lifecycle of an airship doomed by hubris.

The experience has been created using Unreal Engine gaming software and

incorporates film and archive airship footage set against an original symphony,

combining choral voices with abstract sound thus transporting the viewer on a

meditative journey through digital landscapes.


Ami Aubrey, Programme Producer Bedford Creative Arts 01234 818670

To download the touring pack click here.