Almanac Festival programme announced



Almanac Festival programme announced


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Bedford Creative Arts is delighted to present Almanac Festival – a weekend of art made in Bedford.

Almanac Festival will take place in Bedford on 22nd to 24th February 2013, and all of it has been fueled by unique contributions from those who have taken part in our projects; you, your friends and your neighbours.

Experience magical night time light projections, take part in animated discussions, and visit our pop up cinema to see films made in Bedford. Become a walking musical instrument in our new interactive sound installation, or drink tea, take a walk with us and find out more about how afternoon tea started in Bedfordshire. Come and hear the Concerto Magnificent, a concert of new music with words written by you, the people of Bedford. Look up for our new High Street installation and look out for our Town Crier!

The full festival programme is now online and includes a restaging of local composer Johnny Parry’s Concerto Magnificent hosted by St Cuthbert’s Hall, and a Made in Bedford film night at The Pad nightclub. The festival will kick off on Friday, lighting up the night with Laced Words, a new artwork by Arabel Rosillo de Blas and Kathy Hinde, which will lace 1 St Paul’s Square with light and sound.

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