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Welcome to Airship Dreamers Club, a fun and educational resource for those that love using their imagination and learning about what makes things tick.

Airship Dreamers is hosted by Airship Dreams Community Champion Sita Thomas, better known for presenting Channel 5’s Milkshake.

Sita presents a selection of inspiring and original videos that explore ideas around the magnificence of the airship. Starting with Sita’s fascinating introduction to Bedford’s airship history, each subsequent video includes a special guest, from children’s book author Vashti Hardy, Little Science Lab’s Kristina Castle, to artist and illustrator Mique Moriuchi.

Each activity will challenge you to create something new – you might like to start by making your own airship mobile or explore the science of flight with fun experiments like making a cannister rocket! We will also show you how to use your imagination to come up with your very own flight of fantasy story and inspire you to discover the amazing airship themed books for children that are already out there.

If you’d like to be a member of the Airship Dreamers Club, please ask a parent or guardian to email and receive your very own Airship Dreamers wall chart, and if you’d like to share your creations (use the email address or Tweet us on #AirshipDreams) you will receive your own certificate and Airship Dreamers badge!

To find out more about how we’ll be sharing your contributions and keeping your data safe visit our FAQs page.

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