The Definition of an Intern



The Definition of an Intern


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“Don’t look now… But they’re all around you. They’re standing by the coffee machine, hovering by the printer, answering the phone. Yes… They’re the interns.”

The intern definition 1:

“A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or to satisfy requirements for a qualification.”

Oxford Dictionary

The intern definition 2:

“Company bitch / Slaves in the workplace.”

Urban Dictionary

The intern definition 3:

I, the intern, can tell you, it honestly started with a Dachshund, from what I can remember, wearing a tiny tartan tunic. And from then on, my experience at Bedford Creative Arts has been as beautifully bizarre as my first canine encounter (I note, in a business full of dog lovers my chosen picture of cats is not wholly appropriate…)

I started my internship in January, as a recent Graduate from Art School, with precisely zero idea as to what to expect for the next six months… and precisely 50 days in, as I’m writing this blog, I still have precisely zero idea as to where this internship will take me. However, I can tell you a little about where I have been so far.

As the Assistant Producer to Annie Bacon, Curator Producer, I have been working on the artist programme, ‘Library as Laboratory’ and it’s almost the event… The Selfie Slot Car Championship. In the last 48 hours, artist Chris Dobrowolski, Annie Bacon and I, Emily Evans, have been building a mega-huge-4-lane Scalextric track to go around the entirety of one floor of Dunstable Library. As a novice to the world of Scalextric, building such a vast track has been one of the steep learning curves I’ve encountered and of course, such a skill will be an asset to any future employer.

No intern can go without forming a great bond with the company printer… and this intern is no different. Yet, I would beg the question… Who else has had the opportunity to spend part of their internship printing out a life-size version of Bernie Eccleston?

In turn, (excuse the pun), I would argue that being an intern at Bedford Creative Arts has exceeded any expectation or misinformed definition I’ve had. It has been, and I’m sure will continue to be a mishmash of inimitable experiences.

We are looking forward to hearing a lot more from our interns in the coming months, we don’t know how we ever coped without Ellie (read her blog here) and Emily! Their positions with us are jointly funded between the CCSkills Agency and Bedford Creative Arts.

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